Leo Tolstoy

November 2010




Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, one of the greateast of all times, was born in his family´s estate – Yasnaya Polyana – in September 9th, 1828 and deceased in the russian town of Astapovo, in November 20th 1910.

At an early age, he became an orfan and was educated by tutors. At age 23, he enlisted for the army and that experience resulted in his first novel, “ Childhood”, whose success encouraged him to pursue literary work and, later on, become a pacifist.

Therefore, the writings which proceeded his succes are above all pacifists. This made Tolstoy a reference in the matter of peace, allowing him to exchange letters with Gandhi whilst the latter lived in South Africa.
At age 82, tired of domestic life, and the frequent requests for money from his family; yearning for a simpler life, he fled his home, heading towards a convent, but passed away during the journey, in the Astapovo railway station.

Tolstoy rejected the State, condemned private propriety, the existence of money and the exploitation of men by man. He also defended vegetarianism and the idea that God was within every one, thus concluding that happines must be achieved through good, the love of all men and the forbearing of all forms of violence and hatred.
Together with Dostoiévsky, Gorky e Tchecov, Tolstoy is one of the Great in 19th century russian literature.