Municipal Secretary of International Relations: Marta Teresa Suplicy

Assistant Secretary for International Relations: Ambassador Fernando Mello Barreto

Chief of Staff: 



Bilateral International Affairs (CAIB) - Coordinator: Camila Gomes
I - Assist the Municipal Public Administration bodies in bilateral international relations;
II - Identify and promote joint and cooperation actions of interest to the Municipality with foreign bodies and entities;
III - carry out actions for the international promotion of the Municipality, prospecting for bilateral international resources, and actions to attract investments.

Multilateral International Affairs and City Networks (CAIM): Coordinator: Felipe Matsuda Toledo
I - Coordinate and monitor the relationship with multilateral international organizations and entities and city networks;
II - Identify and promote joint and cooperation actions of interest to the Municipality with multilateral organizations and forums;
III - carry out actions for international promotion, prospecting for international multilateral resources, and actions for attracting investments.

International Missions and Projects (CMPI) - Coordinator: Tatiana Rute Pontes Lima
I - Organize the logistics of the international missions of the Mayor, the Vice-Mayor and the Secretariat;
II - Execute and/or monitor international projects of interest to the Municipality that are related to the Secretariat's duties and competencies;
III - organize, coordinate and support the holding of international events;
IV - Identify project opportunities, awards, actions, and good national and international practices of interest to the Municipality.

Communication - Coordinator: Jonatas Nunes
I - Production of releases on projects in the city of São Paulo for national and international audiences;
II - Production of content that presents the potential of the city abroad in several areas;
III - Communication of the international area with other municipal, national, and international bodies;
IV - Update of news on the Secretariat's website about the Municipality's International Relations actions;
V - Digital communication project for international projection of the city of São Paulo (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube).