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Access the progress of the communication campaign on access to information and women's rights in the city of São Paulo

Banner da campanha com o texto "Inform Women, Transform Lives".
About the campaign "Inform Women, Transform Lives":
The city of São Paulo was chosen among 30 cities in the world to integrate the global campaign "Inform Women, Transform Lives", promoted by The Carter Center. The goal is to guarantee that women can seek and receive information, thrive in their communities and have an impact their governments.
Along with the cities of Atlanta and Chicago (USA), Amman (Jordan), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Cape Town (South Africa), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Dhaka (Bangladesh), Dublin (Ireland), Guatemala City (Guatemala), Kampala (Uganda), Lima (Peru) and Monrovia (Liberia), the capital of the State of São Paulo is going to create a mediatic campaign to aware women about their rights to information in order to promote, in a more active way, the female participation in the City of São Paulo.
The campaign's official launch will take place in March and is scheduled to end in September.
Click here to watch the campaign's pre-launch video.
Public Consultation
In order to direct the campaign's actions to the real demands of the female population of the city of São Paulo, we have an open Public Consultation on the Participe+ platform, of São Paulo's City Hall.
Held between February 10 and 24, the public consultation received suggestions from the population of the city of São Paulo. The topic with the greatest demand was violence against women. In this way, the municipality's campaign will focus on gender-based violence and highlight the service for women in the city.
Webinar Inform Women, Transform Lives: access to information and gender equality
To debate the access to information and women's empowerment, the Municipal Secretaries of International Affairs and Human Rights and Citizenship, the Municipal General Controllership and Supervision for Open Governments Affairs - Municipal Government Secretariat, held the webinar "Inform Women, Transform Lives: access to information and gender equality", broadcasted on Municipal Secretariat of International Affairs' and Municipal Secretariat of Human Rights's Facebook pages.
Click here to watch the webinar.