Auction Notice No. 002/2019

Sale of shares owned by the Municipality representing the capital stock of São Paulo Turismo S.A

SMDP Auction Notice No. 002/2019

Exhibit I - Draft of the SPA

Exhibit II - Draft Share Fiduciary Sale Agreement

Exhibit III - Draft Public Deed to be Drawn Up by the Municipality and SPTuris

Exhibit IV - Form of Written Proposal

Exhibit V - Form of Statement of Non-Existence of Equivalent Foreign Document

Exhibit VI - Form of Statement of Knowledge of the Terms of the Notice and No Impediment

Exhibit VII - Form of Statement of Submission to the Laws of Brazil

Exhibit VIII - Form of Statement of No Participation Through Another Bidder

Exhibit IX - Form of Declaration of Compliance with Article 7 of the Federal Constitution

Exhibit X - Form of Bid Ratification

Exhibit XI - General Schedule

Exhibit XIII - Audit Procedures