Bus Rapid Transit – BRT

Radial Leste Avenue is one of the main and most frequented routes of the city, crossing the city from east to downtown with its 28,8 km length. It’s one of the main routes used by the residents of east São Paulo in their daily routines, and one of the places where the implementation of new and faster forms of public transportation would make significant changes to city traffic and people’s comfort.

The project will include the implementation and operation of BRT corridor, connecting Terminal Dom Pedro to station Guaianases of CPTM, constructed in three phases of 12km, 5km and 9,5km respectively. Running parallel to Line 3 – Red of the subway system, it will lessen the burden of the city’s most used line, and provide a greater incentive for the use of public transportation instead of cars.

For questions: smdp@prefeitura.sp.gov.br