Concession of the First Group of Parks

Project: Concession of the First Group of Parks

Type of contract: Concession of Services.

Object: Concession for the provision of management, operation and maintenance services of Ibirapuera, Jacintho Alberto, Eucalyptus, Tenente Brigadeiro Faria Lima, Lajeado and Jardim Felicidade Parks, preceded by engineering construction works and services.

Bidding method: International competition.

Judgment criterion: greater offer for the single fixed grant (Minimum offer: R$ 1.9 million).

Enabling Requirements: (how we selected the ideal concessionaire).

Economic and financial qualification: Proposal of guarantee: 0.5% of the estimated value of the contract [R$ 6.33 MM].

Technical qualification: Proof of activity of economic exploitation or management of public or private entrepreneurship used for tourism, passenger terminals, commerce, culture or leisure, which has received at least 200 thousand users per year.

How the concessionaire will be remunerated: exploitation of the sources of revenue, without requiring authorization from the Granting Authority. Main revenues are from Ibirapuera Park, for instance, the exploitation of the Pavilhão das Culturas Brasileiras - PACUBRA, food court, new anchor 2 - activities in the sports field, parking and advertising.
Supervision: carried out by the Granting Authority, which may request technical support from third parties. The Concessionaire must contract the support services to inspection and to satisfaction survey, following guidelines of the Granting Authority.

Deadline: 35 years (no extension allowed)

Contract Value: R$ 1,265,064,785.08 = Mandatory CAPEX + Mandatory OPEX + grant [estimated values]

Warranty of the contract execution: 5% of the value of the contract during construction works and 2.6% of the value of the contract after the end of construction works phase.


CAPEX (mandatory):

• Reform in buildings, entrances, roads, sanitary, vegetation and equipment, among them PACUBRA

OPEX (mandatory)

• Assume all charges of the 6 (six) parks
• Charges include, but are not limited to: administration, flora and fauna management, security, cleaning, janitorial, conservation, outpatient services, orientation, etc.

Relevant points:

Transition Period: The transition period is divided into three phases: 1 - Preparation – the concessionaire collects documentation, elaborates studies, etc; 2 - Assisted Operation – the concessionaire continues phase 1 and keeps up with the daily operation of the parks; and 3 - Transition Operation – the concessionaire assumes the operation with the support of SVMA. For the Ibirapuera Park the first phase lasts 2 months, the second 4 months and the third 2 months (total of 8 months of transition). For the others, each phase will last 1 month (total of 3 months of transition). The cost of Ibirapuera is assumed only after phase 2 (in the seventh month of the concession). For the other parks, the assumption of costs is immediate, when the contract is signed.

Reasons to grant:

• Improvement of services and infrastructure in the parks;
• Sharing the same standard of services of Ibirapuera Park for parks in all regions of the municipality;
• Focus on the care of parks on the outskirts of São Paulo;
• Decrease in public expeditures, in relation to both OPEX and CAPEX;
• De-bureaucracy: agility of private management with public supervision.


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