Concession of the Pacaembu Complex

Project: Concession of the Pacaembu Complex

Type of contract: Concession of services.

Object: concession of the modernization, management, operation and maintenance services of the Pacaembu complex, composed of the Paulo Machado de Carvalho Municipal Stadium and its completed multisport gymnasium center.

Bidding method: International competition.

Judgment criterion: greater offer (greater value of the fixed grant portion to be paid to the granting authority).

Enabling Requirements:

Economic-financial qualification: Guarantee of proposal of 1% of the estimated contract value.

Technical qualification: proof of suitability for the performance of the activity, by means of the presentation of an attestation of technical-operational capacity, which proves that the BIDDER has economically operated or managed a multipurpose enterprise with capacity of attendance of at least 5,000 (five thousand) people.

How the concessionaire will be remunerated: Main revenues are the rent for soccer games and other sports, and rental for events. The concessionaire will be able to explore the completed multisport gymnasium center, the parking lot, the restaurants, the snack bars and the marketing system.

Supervision: executed by the Granting Authority, which may use the technical support of third parties. The Concessionaire must contract the support services to inspection and to satisfaction survey, following guidelines of the Granting Authority.

Deadline: 35 years (no extension allowed).

Contract value: R $ 674,465,830.90 = Mandatory CAPEX + Mandatory OPEX + grant [estimated]

Warrantee: 5% of the contract value during the construction and 1% of the contract value after the end of the construction phase.


• Mandatory: Recovery, revision and reconfiguration of the electrical, hydraulic, telecommunications, IT and air conditioning systems; power generators; reform of toilets, dressing rooms, cafeterias, accesses; exchange of bleachers seats and structural recovery.

• Optional: associated enterprises.

• Mandatory: administration, janitorial, use of space, surveillance and well-being, customer service. Charges must consider daily routine and, in case of events, must provide mitigation measures regarding cleanliness, traffic and safety around the Complex.

Reasons to grant:

• Improvement of the services of the Complex and infrastructure;
• Greater and better use of space and equipment;
• Constant maintenance of the buildings protected by the historical patrimony;
• Decrease in public expeditures, in relation to both OPEX and CAPEX;
• De-bureaucracy: agility of private management with public supervision.


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