About the Secretariat

São Paulo’s Municipal Secretariat for Human Rights and Citizenship (SMDHC) was created in January 2nd 2013. Its mission is to improve the articulation and the transversal administration of the public policies for human rights and social participation at São Paulo City Hall, taking into account the promotion of public space occupation to strengthen the sense of belonging to the city.
SMDHC has two main axes of action:

  • The deconstruction of the culture of violence and violations with the strengthening of a human rights culture and the articulation of public policies to guarantee these rights in the hole Municipality; 
  • Social participation as an administration method, whether with the use of traditional mechanisms such as conferences and public hearings, whether with innovative mechanisms such as social dialogues and new social media.

The secretariat’s structure is composed by departments which are in charge of 13 different themes: Youth, Elder, LGBT, Children and Adolescents, Education on Human Rights, Migrants, Homeless Population, Right for Memory and Truth, Promotion of the Right to the City, Social Participation, Promotion of Decent Work, Public Policies on Drugs, Municipal Human Rights Ombudsman (the latter still under implementation).

For more information in English about the Secretariat, please, contact our Advisory for International Relations.