São Paulo receives final stage of the Grand Slam Chess

The international tournament is a gathering of the greatest chess players of the world

 Continuing the partnership established with the city of Bilbao in 2011, the city of São Paulo hosted for the second time the Final of the Grand Slam of Chess, an international tournament between the greater chess masters of the world. After a series of classificatory phases, hosted by several cities in the world, the Final had two parts: the first one in São Paulo, from 24th to 29th September, and the second one in Bilbao, from 8th to 13th October. The Italian master Fabiano Caruana took the leadership after the São Paulo phase. However, he was defeated in Bilbao by the Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, champion of the last edition.

This 5th edition of the Grand Slam had several parallel events in São Paulo. On October 18th, the great masters played simultaneously with children at CEU Jaguaré, event that featured the participation of the Secretariat for International Relations of São Paulo City Hall. For occasion of the tournament, a commercial delegation from the city of Bilbao and the Basque country was hosted by São Paulo City Hall in seminaries with the Secretariat for Urban Development and the Secretariat for Green and Environment. The delegation organized events, seminaries and business meetings from the 24th to the 27th September in the city of São Paulo.